Everything draws from an idea, from that we support you to make it real. We form and design not just your RoadBox, but your gastronomic offer. Out experience and your determination will be the key to success. We support you in four aspects: constructive design, gastronomic design, legal advice and food safety management. Thee are fundamental elements that we join together, there´s nothing left to chance. We guarantee your and your client´s peace of mind.
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Led by MIMENTOS, with the Chefs Rocío Alhambra and Luis Bartolomé, we advice you to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

• We look for a customized concept according to your needs, creating a novel, quality and innovative product. The key: the specialization and the product itself (“natural and seasonal”).
• We create a designed menu that fits with the new gastronomic offer. We also make a completely exclusive design according to the needs of equipment.
• We prepare a dossier with the cost management (recipes, data sheets and cost evaluation) so you can analyze, capitalize and have a perfect control over the costs generated by the product.
• We advise you in the searching of the most efficient suppliers.
• We form a team to be able to motivate and optimize your results.
• We support you along the implementation process, simplifying processes, adapting the gastronomic offer and analyzing the results.
• We make updates depending on the seasons in the Gastronomic Offer, according to the needs.


As Food Truck or for advertising campaigns.

• We design your image and your RoadBox, over one of our prototypes or completely customized up to your needs.
• We fabricate it with the maximum quality.
• We customise it: Each RoadBox is unique, made for you.
• We equip it depending on your needs, optimizing spaces and consumptions.
• We legalize your RoadBox: 100% homologated both vehicles and equipment. Health certificate, carrying out the HACCP, certificate of adequate cleaning and disinfection, installation bulletins and industrial licenses… Registered and ready to drive away.
• Keep on counting on us: parking service, maintenance, transport, etc. We are your perfect travelling companion.


Our specialists and veterinarians in Food safety will guarantee your and your client´s peace of mind.
• We homologate the suppliers chosen conforming to health.
• We nutritionally categorize your developed gastronomic menu.
• We categorize the allergens present in your menu and help your realize their management in a secure way.
• Training personnel plan in the food handling and its certification.
• We guarantee you the hygienic design of your RoadBox to comply with the current legislation.
• We give you your RoadBox with a health certificate including cleaning and disinfection of all it elements.
• We help you to establish your plan of hygienic and sanitary self-control (HACCP) appropriated for your elaborations and tailored to your RoadBox.


We have a team of legal advisors, specialized in food legislation, institutions, laws, regulation and technical regulations.
• A team of lawyers and legal advisors, of global, innovative and highly specialized thinking.
• Deep knowledge on the complex alimentary system, which lets us transform any barrier that could appear into an opportunity.
• Interested in gastronomy and in the searching of innovative projects.
• Leading lawyers from the Street Food sector and Food Trucks in Spain.
• Fulfillment of the alimentary regulations, the issues referred to licenses, strategic consulting of location, contract preparation with space suppliers, liability insurance, legal issues related to rent, sell and use of vehicles or structures, apart from, of course, the advice in the issues of all companies and businessmen, such as commercial hiring, tax matters and labour issues.